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Put on all of God's armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies and tricks of the Devil. (Eph. 6:11)


Reiki is occult
by Alex

This is meant to be a warning for all, practicing Reiki in the believe doing something good or it is compatible with Christian believe.

New age and esoteric are blooming since years and are found often in the meantime in the healing professions as well. Being a Physiotherapist myself I walked, not really knowing what I did, straight into the dark side. I got manipulated during a trainings course into this direction. I knew a little bit about Reiki, everybody was enthusiastic,” it creates such wellbeing, that healing energy”, and so I also wanted to integrate it into my treatments. Thank God that never really happened but I got into serious trouble.

I had organized myself books, all available in the normal bookstore and picked up the book about the master sign. Happily I tested everything, including the sign on myself. The expensive initiations are a pure money making business, unfortunately it works without them just as good. First I felt strong and great and got the feedback, that my physio treatments had reached a new intensity. Soon I felt fear and chased by something negative, especially at home. In my desperation I remembered Christ, started praying and got rid of the books.

I felt very close to Jesus, even when I had forgotten about him for many years, I felt his love and suddenly I got a deep and painful understanding why he died at the cross for us. But apparently I did not understand all.
The trainings course was not finished jet and because it was not a Reiki course in particular, I went back. The instructor gave me a Craniosakral treatment at the head with the result of Psychosis and complete sleeplessness. I believe now my brain was really possessed and ill at the same time. I suffered from hallucinations and delusions. One of them was Satan attacking me for nearly a whole night. I was frightened to death and prayed for my life. The next morning I went into a psychiatric hospital.
No matter if this was a delusion or real, (I was diagnosed schizophrenic later), by practicing Reiki I opened the doors for Satan and his minors. I had blasphemic thoughts, which I could not identify as my own and could not stop them. The more I read in the bible, as a protection, the worse it became.
In his terrible state of confusion I suddenly got a very calm and clear message. To write down and think about the following words:
Humbleness, fear of the Lord and mercy. I did.

I was out of hospital after 3 weeks, the medication worked- with its side effects. I had a different life now, learned about stigma, having no emotions and loosing joy in life. I also learned a lot about Schizophrenia, I was trained to be a peer instructor for inpatients.

I was ill for 7 years, could not sleep without hard tablets for 5 years, and was on medication in total for 10 years. After about 7 years my survival energy was nearly gone, one night I prayed very honestly and surrendered my life to God. A few weeks later my sleep came back and I started healing. Under the advice of my psychiatrist I started a slow reduction of the medication. I am without medication since 2010 without relapse and believe being healed by the grace of God. I was given a new love and life, being married now here in Cape Town. Here as well you can find Reiki and all the other new age temptations at every street corner. Even at the Gym and during a volunteer job in a psychiatric hospital I saw flyers from the alcoholics anonymous advertising Reiki healing.

I came to the conclusion that spiritual energy work is evil and sin. We are not allowed to interfere into the divine life plan of others or seeking secret knowledge, crossing the borders into the occult.

Many people are blinded and do not realize the occult behind these things. Reiki is one of the worst forms of energy work and a worldwide problem. Please don’t get involved, strengthen your trust and believe in Christ instead. If you are already involved ask the Lord for forgiveness and deliverance.
He will help you.


I deeply thank the Lord for his graceful healing and deliverance.

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