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Put on all of God's armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies and tricks of the Devil. (Eph. 6:11)


What is Lightwork about?

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There are certainly several points of view, what lightwork is about. First, I’d like to give an “official” definition, which I’ll hold general und as far neutral as possible and afterwards I’ll describe how I’ve understood the term.

Official definition (from the view of a lightworker):

Lightwork means to open yourself to spiritual realities, and to work with the resulting methods and energies. These energies are the light, also known as “the energy of love”. The light is available to everyone who works with it, out of an infinite and never drying up source. Furthermore, lightwork is about a human’s inner light, which is to be discovered and used. On this behalf, numerous techniques do exist. Usually only initiates achieve knowledge about such techniques and conditions, as this is the general meaning of Esoteric (inwards, hid). The lightworks goal is, to disseminate “light and love”, and to manifest things you desire. Furthermore, many lightworkers proceed from the assumption that they are subject to a “lightbody facilitation process”, with the resulting ethereal refinement of their coarse, substancial existence.

Portrayal about the practical facts we faced (occasionally, I’m going to talk about “us”, as I most of the times was together with others who also considered themselves lightworkers)

Let me start by explaining the “lightbody facilitation process” (the “transformation" or "ascension process"). In fact, we all proceeded from the assumption that we all were in the middle of a lightbody facilitation process. Some believed in sensing this process from within their bodies, others believed in experiencing it more mentally. At any rate, we fancied ourselves having awoken in the inner light, which would be spreading itself within our bodies to transform our system. We believed in finally becoming nourished by light only (like Yasmuheen did, though in the meantime she has been convicted of fraud). We also believed in a whole planet Earth being ascendant into a higher dimension. Not only a few believed in a turning point of time, to take place in the year 2012, cresting a New Age (see vision 2012).

To sum it up, I admit having considered ourselves as kind a of chosen caste. According to skirting numbers, only 0,8% of all humans were lightworkers, including the so-called upcoming “Indigo-Kids”. At any rate, we were only few. This led to the best of our vain belief, being “lonesome warriors” serving the light by carrying high responsibility for planet Earth. No one admitted though…
We used to work with the light in different ways. For instance during Meditation, we visualized it mentally, forming light pillars. We also sat in a circle, holding each others hands, sending the light mentally in turns. We also formed light pillars surrounding deceased souls, who adhered to the coarse Earth, pointing up into the light. We belabored the “reticule of light”, spanning the Earth to protect its spiritual spheres from dark energies, letting more light flow onto the planet. We often sent light to people. Therefore, we operated “beams” or “flames”, for example the “purple flame”. Healing of course was a very important matter to us. Many of us practiced Reiki and other methods of spiritual healing (see Reiki). Another important scope of ours was Channeling of course. Lightwork without the help of putative angels, light entities or extraterrestrial siblings of the light, was just unthinkable. We had full trust in messages, delivered by human media, so-called “Channels”. Without examination, we almost took everything as face value.
Everyone of us had his own ideas what lightwork was about, and how it acted. Many of us provided workshops and seminars. I joined a lot of those seminars and also held some on my own. Eventually, I even founded a spiritual congress (light conference), as a platform for lightworkers. But, we hardly found some common ground on which to base it on, almost everyone held his own conception as the only truth. Principally, it was all about “energy”, to be broached and used for multiple purposes.

I wanna point out my deepest conviction, that such “energies” or how you name it, really exist. Doubtlessly, even the entities (spirits) were called in and were not fantasy, but reality. The pre-existing bible has already reported about spirits from the deaths, and similar beings. But, I am to show why lightwork is nothing but occultism. To practice techniques like Channeling, even Yoga and Transcendental Meditation, is like playing with fire. That’s why especially lightworkers are particularly jeopardized for occult energies (the so-called “spiritual energies”, see definition above). In any case, such energies are being originated from the devil. That’s the reason why lightworkers only achieve quite the opposite from what they basically endeavour. I personally think that’s too bad, as most lightworkers are decent, loving people. They just do not realize what they are doing. They open doors, not knowing what is behind. They are not aware of rushing into disaster, with their eyes wide open. I myself didn’t realize it for a long time. I was strongly influenced by occult energies, without even noticing it. That was, because I believed the pretended angels, or beings of the lights, were standing on the divine side. I believed lightwork as a good and positive thing. But I thank the Lord for letting me recognize how I fell for the devil’s line. If somebody had told me so while I still was a lightworker, I wouldn’t have believed it. Because I would have thought, that could never happen to me, that I surely would have the ability to notice any alliance with the devil. Just don’t let yourself be fooled. The Devil has known mankind for millenniums. He and his servants know how to manipulate, how to set us on the wrong track. You’re not smarter than him. In the past, I didn’t accept this fact. What a credulous guy I was.

But, the good news is, there is someone more powerful and greater. His name is Jesus Christ. That is to say the Jesus of the bible, not a creature called Jesus being sold by the devil to us as the lightworker Jesus. Believe me, that is nothing but a lie. Jesus has never been a lightworker, but the Son of God, yes in fact he is God. Don’t let yourself be taken in such stories for it’s a shame. It is my concern to let you see what I’ve seen, or that is to say, what God let me see: There’s only ONE way of light and love in the world, and that is Jesus Christ. And we just do not have the abilities to work with the light of Jesus. The one and only working is Jesus Christ himself. Or rather, he already had worked, by sacrificing himself on the cross and resurrecting from the dead on the third day. There is nothing else to do for us humans to become released, but to accept faithfully the redemption of Jesus Christ. God would never force anyone. God has given the free will to mankind, even if that will be their ruin. By its articles, this site is to point out these coherences.

Jesus answers: I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)

Jesus loves lightworkers but not lightwork!

© Copyright Eckart Haase | Translation by Barbara Claywell