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Put on all of God's armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies and tricks of the Devil. (Eph. 6:11)

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l Prospectus l

Would all the information on this side be worth mentioning, if it didn’t give us the prospect of a redeeming future in Christ to make the vital difference?

I am aware of having chosen sharp language through the different chapters. This is to intimate explicitly the gravity of the situation. What use does any lightwork have with its words so sweet like honey, if it comes to a disastrous end? Watch yourself. What is the truth behind lightwork? Looking back to our group of lightworkers I remember the many disharmonies within the scene. Everybody held his own insights for the only real ones. Many considered themselves being more advanced and wiser than others, even if they didn’t admit it. Doesn’t life show that lightwork can’t be the right way? I do not know even one lightworker who had found inner peace.

Isn’t it also an escape from reality to busy oneself with lightwork and esoteric? No doubt about it, the many shambles on earth might make us give up and become bitter. To dive into the fictitious world of lightwork instead just seems so compelling. On the first sight it seems to give a new view about life. But escape won’t make you reach your goals, will it?

Lightwork and esoteric are strongly influenced by religions and philosophy from the Far East, like Hinduism. One takes some ingredients from everything and mixes his own spirituality. Of course this can’t work.

It’s also very enlightening to notice the lightworkers ages. I have known many, but hardly anybody has been older than 40-50 years. In fact, most were much younger. Certainly, I got to know an 80 year old lightworker, but that’s an absolute exception. Both lightwork and esoteric are like a temporary fashion, they have strongly commercial character and have become a huge business.

Certainly, all could be so fine and nice, if there wasn’t such a horrible end waiting for those who do not turn back from their way. In his word God describes clearly the consequences of this way. Not because he likes to scare us. Because he loves us, not only does he give warnings but at the same time he shows us the way to have immortal life with him. He just does what any good father would do.

It’s not the purpose of this site to put somebody down. But it has always been my intention to make a clear cut by showing the way of the lightwork as senseless and wrong as it is. You do not have to experience such futility. If you have come to pore on it, give yourself a chance and commit your life to the savior Jesus Christ. He loves you and wishes you to turn back from the way you have taken so far, and to devote your life to him in faith.

It is like you were steering the wheel of your life by yourself, and you would pull over to give a hitchhiker a lift, who then would ask you to let him steer. It may be unusual, but this is how Jesus is. He keeps knocking on your door and waiting for you to open your life to him. Sad, that so many people miss this opportunity during lifetime.

Pray to God and ask him to forgive all your guilt, confess just everything you find. Ask him to take over the steering wheel of your life. Commit your whole life to Jesus Christ. Ask him to be the master of your life from now on. Trust him that he will answer your prayer and forgive you. Afterwards, you will be a newborn Christian and soon will notice the positive changes in your life.

Your prayer may be like this:

Jesus Christ, I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. I also ask for forgiveness because of the way that I have walked on until now. Please release me from any lightwork, esoteric or new age. Please, give me a new heart and lead me the way from now on. I ask you to be the master of my life. I want you to take over the steering wheel of my life. Guide me on the right way, and make everything turn out right. AMEN

This is exactly how I did myself, as well as many others. It was the best decision of my life, not only for me but for everyone who took this step. From the bottom of my heart, I would be delighted if you came to this decision as well. You may ask me further questions by email. I will be glad to give help.

God bless you.

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