there is a power in betwenn three levels

three reigns
The levels in lightwork
Put on all of God's armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies and tricks of the Devil. (Eph. 6:11)

3 levels3 levels

l The three levels l

It may be confusing which different levels exist. Particularly the lightwork and esoteric give out diverse information about it that often are contradicted to each other. For instance it’s being told about twelve dimensions or beams, multiplex cosmoses, from the gross Earth up to a source of all light.

In the Holy bible you’ll find hints about the truth. According to that, there are three levels of states for living beings (the bible doesn’t go into detail). We do know about it, because Paul the apostle describes in his 2nd letter to the Corinthians how he had been moved into the third heaven. This place he names “paradise”, and he listens to “unspeakable words”, so as we figure that the third heaven must be the quarters of God, which means the top level. Therefore, two other levels must be existent underneath of it. The first heaven (level) is our physical planet Earth. Nonphysical beings stay in a level in between. This fact is being indicated in the letter to the Ephesians of the bible:

"You used to live just like the rest of the world, full of sin, obeying satan, the mighty prince of the power of the air." (Ephesians 2:2)

The problem is, every time when we are contacting entities on our own, we also exit the area that God has given to us. Obviously there’s the technique of channeling as you name it. Everybody who channels actually builds an outgoing line from the first level into the second. Unfortunately that is the level where sinister mights sojourn. With whom will we be connected, once we entered the second level mentally? Surely not the angels of God, as they would never contact humans on their own, but only on Gods behalf, and only in the ways the bible reports from, which means either through real appearance to be seen with physical eyes, or within a dream. Hence, through channeling we will ALWAYS contact demons. Anyhow, we will never be able to contact an angel, just as little as a dead person. Thereto, read the incident about the rich man and poor Lazarus (Luke 16). This shows that no contact between the deceased and the living is possible. I have met many who believed that they were communicating with decedents. For instance, C.G. Jung or John Denver and many more are alleged to have been channeled. It is not true though. Whenever you get connected, it is always a demonic being who pretends to be the certain person you are looking for. Same with the channeling of any “entities of the light”, which may name themselves Hilarion, Metatron, Kryon, the archangel Gabriel, Ashtar, Mother Earth or who ever. Always they are demons from the second level who are touching base with us. Sure they like to masquerade as “angels of the light”, which means they hardly ever appear as the dark and vicious beings, as they in fact are. The devil likes to figure an angel of light (see Satan). Don’t let yourself be fooled. Let go any activity with channeling and do not listen to channeled messages anymore. You’ve got to become clear about the fact, that God loathes anybody’s exiting his God-given area. God has given us the physical earth. This is the residence where we belong. Any other level not only is none of our business, but is also dangerous to get connected to demons. Many have burned more than just their fingers.

The communication God likes best is to talk to him, which is called prayer. You can be sure that God will listen to you. You do not have to waste a great deal of time, money or energy while setting yourself in a state of meditation. You may pray to God in a normal way, loudly or silently within your thoughts. Also, trust God that he will answer you. He will answer in his way, maybe through specific circumstances in life, or through other people. In particular he speaks to us through his Word, the bible. Channeling will only get you the shock of your life. For your eyes will be opened, read the bible.

© Copyright Eckart Haase | Translation by Barbara Claywell