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Lightworkers temptation and ascension
Put on all of God's armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies and tricks of the Devil. (Eph. 6:11)
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l Are you a spiritual lightworker? l
lDo you practice something which is named as lightwork? l

Then this is your site. I used to practice lightwork actively in a spiritual way myself and recognized only late that it is one of the devil’s sneakiest lies who seeks to hinder people from finding the one and ONLY way to an eternal life with God - a lie not easily to unmask.

This beguilement is particularly perfidious as most lightworkers are very nice people who have dedicated themselves to a wonderful task standing up for light and love. Almost all lightworkers I got to know were kind and diligent people, eager to change the bad conditions on planet Earth to the better. The more tragic it is that these peaceful and idealistic people will rush into personal disaster if they don’t turn around and commit to the true savior and master Jesus Christ. I’m not talking about any Jesus being presented by the devil to the lightworkers. I’m not talking about “the lightworker Jesus” or an alien incarnated as Jesus-on-Earth nor a Fantasy-Jesus (like Sananda). You got to believe, Jesus Christ is not and has never been a lightworker nor an ascended master or incarnation of a consciousness-of-Christ whatsoever. I’m talking about the Jesus of the Holy bible, the Son of God - God himself.

Do you state to believe in God, and that he even plays an important role in your lightwork? This is exactly what I used to think about my lightwork. But then I realized that it is exactly one of the devils perfidies who preaches about a different God than the God of the bible. What I had labeled as God in the past has almost nothing to do with the true God of the bible. My goal with this site is to report my experiences to as many lightworkers as possible, how God rescued me from irreversible downfall and how he has shown me the ONLY way to receive the mercy of having eternal life in HIS presence. It is my big hope that many lightworkers would turn around and see in what fakeness they have believed for it would be a shame for every single one to get lost forever.

May God bless all readers.

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© Copyright Eckart Haase | Translation by Barbara Claywell