Seeking spirit guides? New Age testimonies

Seeking spirit guides?
Seeking spirit guides
Put on all of God's armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies and tricks of the Devil. (Eph. 6:11)


Seeking spirit guides?
by Eric

I would just like to tell my story which should serve as a warning to people involved in seeking their spirit guides.

I first started to become interested in spiritual things after buying one of Kelly Howell's cds. I had heard that meditation would help with the social anxiety I was suffering. I quickly became obsessed with that cd and the feelings it gave me.Once while deep in meditation I saw a blue light. Quickly after that my life changed forever. The particular cd I was listening toinvolved following your spirit guide and realizing your destiny.

So at first I started to notice repeating digits on clocks. I had also been involved with numerology and had 2 master numbers which made me feel like quite an important spiritual person.I started seeing these numbers on clocks. Always turning my head at the exact time like I was being prompted. Then while at work I clearly heard my name inside my head. Overcome with fear I completely blocked it out. Things continued like this and the time prompts grew more and more frequent. They got to the point where I would wake in the middle of the night at the exact time several nights in a row. Along with this weird synchronicity would start to happen. I would see people I hadn't seen or would expect to see as I went out. Then people would say things which seemed to go along with delusions that were growing in my mind. My own speech became affected and I started saying things with double meanings. It would happen instantly with noconscious thought.

My delusions started to become stronger and stronger.I was losing touch with reality. All the while the time prompts had not stopped. I lived with these delusions for years then it got worse.

I started to see messages my eyes would dart to signsor print on products and any writing around. The signs were relevant to exactly what was happening or what I was thinking a majority of the time. A two way communication had started. I lived my life based on signs and sychronicity. It was evident that whatever I was communicating with was not bound by laws of time. Strange signs andsynchronicity followed me everywhere then it got worse.

I had just quit a job because of delusions. I was traveling from place to place looking to start over when something came over me. I surrendered my free will and I starting to feel controlled by something. I was led to a bed in a hostel where I was staying. When I entered the room I said whats up to a traveler and I heard the response God is up from behind a curtained bed. I had been awake several days and I started to see visions. I saw a flock of white doves the sun split in two and my fingers began to move fasterthan I was capable of moving them. They started making strange signs that looked like a language. Then I started to hear a hissing noise in my ear. Satan or one of his minions was attacking me. I heard comments like God is an xxxhole and what sounded like concern from the spirits. I went through some kind of spiritual crucifixion and felt pain in my side as though I'd been stabbed. Then they warned me that whatever was attacking me was trying to spiritually rape me. I left the room but I wasn't alone.

Two personas were now in my body each controlling a hand whenever I would relinquish control to them. One said he was Satan himself the other said he was an angel of God. They started teaching me things and suggesting things to do. Just so you don't think it wasn't "spirit guides" or I had just gone nuts and there were no demons, they started explaining mathematical things and patterns instantly and it all fit. They were also incredibly insightful (as insightful as something that choose to spend eternity in hell can be I guess.)

This continued until they had gained my trust. Then they started telling me incredibly wicked things people had done to me that I had no knowledge of. Eventually they admitted they were trying to send me to Hell. At this I stopped communicating with them and eventually starting fully committing myself to Christ. Which they are now still trying to whisper to me and send me time prompts to get my attention again.

So in conclusion, yes this is all very real. No they are not guides they are Demons. And most importantly God sees your dealings with them as prostituting yourself out and cheating on God.I urge you to commit yourself to Christ if you are a spiritual seeker like I was. God returned my sanity to me but I am still oppressed by demons.


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